Fully Awake @ The Holden Gallery, Manchester.

University Centre St Helens News • April 1, 2020


ayne Robinson and Amy Robinson are exhibiting in the 6th iteration of the Fully Awake cycle of exhibitions in conjunction with the organisation Teaching Painting, at the Holden Gallery, Manchester. The exhibition was originally planned for April 2020 but due to Covid 19 had to be postponed. The exhibition concludes an exhibition cycle of seven venues and will eventually have involved 234 artists over a period of three-years.

The exhibition at the Holden Gallery will include thirty-three works by eleven artists. For each exhibition, the curators invited an artist who teaches painting at each of the UK’s art academies to submit work and to invite an artist that has taught them and an artist who they have taught.

The exhibition cycle embraces an inter-generational approach to celebrating the practice and teaching of painting and gives a unique insight into the state of painting across British art schools from the 1950s to the present time. In total, over 200 artists will take part in the series. The Fully Awake exhibitions have included artists as diverse as: Roger Ackling, Basil Beattie, Sonia Boyce, Terry Frost, Andrew Grassie, Lothar Gotz, Alexis Harding, Dan Hays, Gerrard Hemsworth, Vanessa Jackson, Tess Jaray, Ian Kiaer, Natasha Kidd, Lisa Milroy, Carol Rhodes, John Stezaker, Daniel Sturgess.

The exhibition is due to be rescheduled once the Covid 19 situation becomes clearer.

Top Left: W. Robinson. ‘Jumper’. Mixed media.

Top Right: A. Robinson. ‘St. Johns Road’. Photograph.