Mike’s Helping Hand for Keyworkers

News • April 22, 2020

A graphic design student from St Helens College and University Centre St Helens is leading the way in supporting key workers. Student, Mike Lavery has set up a production line printing personal protective equipment (PPE) for key workers in the fight against the Coronavirus.

Mike said: “I know times are hard currently with this COVID-19 and theirs a lot of key workers out there working away without PPE, so myself and another team have been producing 100s of masks weekly for NHS and other key workers.

“I have been creating many face mask over the last few weeks and will continue to create these for our keyworkers. As it stands currently I have produced over 120+ masks. I have been going non-stop. I am currently trying to produce more than 120 a day.

“We have also joined up with another team of eight people meaning we can print a lot more per day.

“Many hospitals and clinics across the UK are struggling to obtain and provide the proper PPE, doctors and nurses are trying to keep themselves safe while they keep our community safe from this virus.

“But I need help from our community as we are desperately in need of more materials and need help in raising funds ASAP, we need to procure more frames for the facemasks and get hold of more filaments, these will keep us up and running and get the much needed PPE manufactured and into the hands of the brave men and women who need them”.

Lecturer, Damyon Garrity said: “It is a wonderful gesture and I am supporting Mike’s academic commitments, this activity also forms part of his professional practice module and helps him focus on this important work.

“He plans to undertake further study at MA level in 3D printing and I‘ve just learned that Liverpool’s MP has also been in touch with Michael to support this amazing effort”.

Mike set up a gofundme page to help them reach their target of £1,000, they have raised £320 so far. To donate to their page please go to http://gf.me/u/xwkhp

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