Project Description

Final Major Project

Milton Warner, BA Hons Graphic Design

University Centre St Helens, HE Arts 2021

The Evolution of Interactive Storytelling – Bringing Superstition to Life

In the beginning, I had an idea which was to create an interactive book similar to “Choose your own stories” but after developing the idea further I had reached a roadblock and couldn’t proceed any further so I had made some changes to the idea and project.

The new idea was to create an interactive site with superstition stories, I have made a site demo using DX and was planning to have a working demo with Anima but the software was giving me problems and I went to the tutors for help with the software I know nothing about but they don’t have much experience with as well so I decided to use my backup plan of using DX recording with After Effects to create a viewable demo.

Although I had encountered many problems I was able to go around them in one way or another, I had lots of fun designing the logos and the site layout for this project and coming up with the ideas.

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • After Effects

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe XD
  • Media Encoder
  • Adobe Animate

  • Research


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