Project Description

Vortex Proposal

Abigail Berry, BA Hons Graphic Design

University Centre St Helens, HE Arts 2021


Task – Design a themed branding for the university’s annual graduate show 2021.
I chose to work with Identity and DNA. The university is filled with people of all ethnicities and religions, and I wanted to represent this in the design of the branding. I chose the finger print, because no matter how different we look like on the outside, we all have a finger print – although all fingerprints are different for each individual, they are all made up of similar shapes and lines, and from a finger print you can’t judge a person – because you haven’t seen them. I thought this would be a great theme for the 2021 show, as it involves everyone and would feature their finger prints (if restrictions allow, due to Covid 19, for me to stamp and digitally create each individuals finger print. The colours do not have any links to the university or individuals, but each colour will represent a creative course taking part in the exhibition.
  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop


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